We delivered one of our first orders over 35 years ago to a Portuguese customer who built wagons for the New York Subway and was not supplied by his steelworks on time. We managed to get the urgently needed material to his production site within six days after ordering. We were very proud of this logistical mastery, and with it grew our demand for timely delivery in difficult cases.

We now deliver over half of our order volume to more than 50 countries. A large proportion of these are short-term needs, where a smooth, reliable and fast handling is imperative. To ensure this, our greatest strengths are our extensive inventories, a very high global procurement competence as well as the short-term production and processing of components within the company group.

All this, however, is nothing without the right logistics. A comprehensive regional and international network of stainless steel logistics partners ensures that orders are delivered on time. By truck, ship, train, airplane or even with the package service. The proper handling of the goods, the packaging and markings adapted to the customer are standard in our logistics. Simplified customs approvals, forward-looking planning for our logistics department, as well as the possibility to store material you need regularly, minimize processing time.

And if you are in New York by chance, maybe you will discover one of "our" Metro wagons.